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rpsecrets2's Journal

Roleplay Secrets 2
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Roleplay Secrets 2 is...
First and foremost a secrets community, which works in the same way as any other. It allows for roleplayers of all kinds to express themselves in an anonymous fashion with the use of graphics.

It's a pickup of roleplaysecrets who've decided to shut down and well, someone had to continue the grand tradition of love and wank.

Friend the community. Only moderators will be able to join and recieve posting privilege.

No usernames are to be shown in negative secrets (aka no naming and shaming), blurfails of that sort will not be posted. We'd prefer no usernames at all shown, but are more willing to post positive ones.

Wank happens, deal with it. Don't be an asshat.

Anon is on, IP logging is off.

Guide to the Comm
A submissions post will exist, a new one made once each is full.

We're going to keep it in line with RPS and cap it at 800x800px to make it easy on everyone.

Each secret is to be posted in its own comment, any comment with multiples will be ignored.

Secrets will be posted daily, usually early on.